Maahi Roj means Earth Day Everyday, hosted by AnanTaya, is an ongoing experience of Unearthing the Planet’s Potential for sustainability in collaboration with like-minded thinkers.  With our eco-conscious, small footprint, users of natural, organic and recycled materials we produce a 10-day showcase of heritage and innovative crafts representing ethical fashion and lifestyle products, under the concurrent themes of the Planet’s Potential, Wishes for our Wonderful World, and ‘emotionally durable’ crafts and design. 

We welcome ‘children of all ages’ and curious seekers to enjoy the opportunity to shop ethical, earth-conscious products, clothing and food.

We invite you to meet diverse, emerging, as well as,  experienced talents through events including Interactive Workshops, Heritage Walks, Inspiring Talks and Cultural Tours (including artisans at work), all to bring a greater understanding of how we can pay tribute to Planet Earth.



The Talks

Get inspired through talks by creative thinkers, designers and artisans with an insight into their journeys. Learn about contemporary craft innovations and the revival of heritage arts from the best practitioners. Explore architecture, food and the material culture of Jaipur by participating in heritage walks and craft tours around the city.

The Exhibit

Be a part of our 10-day showcase of  innovative crafts and heritage material culture representing ethical fashion,food and lifestyle products. This year's concurrent themes are the Planet’s Potential, Wishes for our Wonderful World, and ‘emotionally durable’ crafts and design. Partake in a Unique Opportunity to shop for the latest collections of Sustainable arts.

The Workshops

Discover your ingenious potential in wonderful workshops for "Children of all Ages", led by inventive Designers and Master Artisans. Indulge your senses in learning ancient craft skills from the masters to take off on your own creative journey. Tools and equipment as well as a certificate of participation are included in the workshop kit.