Channel Your Deeper Dinosaur, What does that mean?

It is summertime and time to awaken creative energy on the 14th and 15th of April at Maahi Roj, Narain Niwas Palace, Jaipur.

Start the morning early with a sunrise Heritage Walk through Jaipur’s Old city, a unique opportunity for Illuminating Exercise. Alternatively a small group of cultural adventurers can join Jaipur Rugs for a Tour of artisan’s village to understand their amazing journey making a livelihood through textile arts that has shown them the world.

For the curious and the lifelong learner, discover the art of Documentary Film making with smart phones in an exceptional three-day introduction to the art by Shilpi and Hitesh Adwani of TOSS Jaipur.  You will understand and absorb creative moments with the simplest of tools taught by an active young team of media specialist.  New skills with a small footprint.  For someone wanting to release stress through crafts, Sujini Embroidery is your ticket.  Tell the exciting story of Jaipur’s electric Pink City Auto rickshaw with chain and straight stitch.  Learn from a recipient of the UNESCO Award of Excellence for Crafts, Sanju Devi.  This is an alternative way to tell a story visually, creating home decor simultaneously.

At dawn on Sunday you can be amazed by the Heritage Water Walk on the Hills above Jaipur.  Come to understand how, hundreds of years ago people were able to maximize scarce resources and channel them into life giving resources.  Contemplate how we will need to manage water in the future.

If you want to get your heart into Natural dyes then unearth your Inner Artist through Natural Dyes by Jaipur’s very own Dye it Yourself.  Discover how common ingredients soak through the surface of cloth and transform it into earthbound colours.  If you enjoy constructing things, spend the afternoon recreating extinct, endangered and at risk species in folded paper Origami with master Bobbie Vijaykkar architect, artist and three dimensional thinker. Channel your deeper dinosaur and add Origami to repertoire of gifting skills that are ecological and delightful, a chance to receive smiles.

For anyone wanting to take action for Earth Day through learning about the myriad of small and big activities that make a difference to the Planet, register for Walks, Tours and Workshops at Maahi Roj.  At AnanTaya, Narain Niwas Palace Jaipur, we are encapsulating the world, teaching for today and tomorrow and having fun throughout.

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