What is Maahi Roj?

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In the future, how can we collaborate with Maahi Roj and AnanTaya?

If you are a practicing professional designer or artisan and you share our philosophy:You can be a Retail Partner ( your collection in our store), You can lead Workshops. You could give a Talk about how your work sustains the Earth and supports emotionally durable design.

If you are a student, you can Volunteer to be a helper, register for Workshops and attend Talks.

How do I register for a Workshop?

Links to Register are:


If you have questions, please call +91 89520 94114.

How do I register for Walks & Tours?

Links to Register are:


If you have questions, please call +91 89520 94114.

How do I register to Volunteer?

Links to Register are:


If you have any problems, please register by phone +91 93529 12021.

When is the Design Challenge Winner Announced?

Thursday April 20, 2017 /  5:00pm at AnanTaya

When is Earth Day and what is happening at Maahi Roj?

Saturday April 22 is EARTH DAY. We have a full day of Events, Workshops, Tours and Talks. Check out our full schedule on this Website.

Link : http://maahiroj.com/events-17/

What are the possibilities of wholesaling and shipping products from AnanTaya and Maahi Roj Partners?

Please post inquiries directly to AnanTaya. We have licences and shipping facilities across India and Globally.