Get Ready..Get Set…Go!!!

AnanTaya is a hub of activity.  Maahi Roj is ten days away and we are gearing up for our biggest celebration to date.  There are twenty retail partners, busily tagging their collections for you to enjoy starting April 14 at The Kanota, Narain Niwas Palace, Opposite City Pulse Mall, Narayan Singh Road, Jaipur.  A wonderful collection of Workshops to bring out the inner artist and the child in you cover everything from Natural Dyeing to Embroidery, from Endangered Species Origami to Cyanotype Collage on Textiles and a way capture all of this with a Documentary Film making Workshop.  For the avid listener, Talks abound beginning with Asif Sheikh, Embroidery Master and including Laila Tyabji of Dastkar, Uma Prajapati from Upasana, Auroville, TICKET Design from Pune, Khamir and Hunnarshalla sharing stories of sustainability in Kutch. Celebrate World Heritage Day on April 18 with Jaipur Rugs and Heritage Conservation Architect, Kavita Jain. Celebrate Earth Day with coffee brewing in the morning, Cloth and Meaning in the afternoon and stories Laila Tyabji of Dastkar followed by a conversation with Brigitte Singh master textile designer.

It is like a sustainability course in a ten day time capsule, rich with stories of conscious life choices, handmade objects, new learning experiences. Join us for ten days, change the way you think about your footprint on the Earth.

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