Glimpses 2016

MaahiRoj … means Earth Day Everyday. It is a celebration of our integral relationship with the Earth and our ability to make Amazing Art with empathetic collaborators. We invited like-minded partners who use natural and recycled materials, consider the planet in their work, are eco-conscious and leave a small footprint. MaahiRoj presented a 10 day showcase of ethical design talent from across India. The stimulating Talks & Discussions in 2016 covered a wide range of topics from hospitality to the journey of craft entrepreneurs. Our incredible workshops led by experts ranged from vegan foods to natural dyeing to ancient building crafts, all of which demonstrate in one way or the other, that our future, as our present, is handmade.

Retail Partners

Maahi Roj's diverse range of partner's work is vividly presented not only to feature brand identity, but also to share the brand story and create a conversation between our collaborators and potential new audiences. 
AnanTaya ensures professional documentation, individual posters and press for partners, feedback about sales and trends, as an integral part of their ten years of experience in luxury retail.

Talks and Workshop

The fourth edition of Maahi Roj took place from April 15 to 25, 2016 at the Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, Jaipur, home of AnanTaya. The new and expanded location facilitated exciting Workshops and the introduction of a series of intriguing Talks. The event focused on how humans interact with Mother Earth and AnanTaya’s ability to inspire Amazing Art with an Earth Day theme collaborating with impassioned Designers and Artisans from across India.