Water, Policies and Communities Day
Festival Launch and Opening Talk


Inaugural Address: Environmental Challenges of the 21st Century: Local and Traditional solutions with WATER.

Host: Geetanjali KasliwalGuest of Honour: Dr. Rajendra Singh

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Rajendra Singh, the "Waterman of India" and an Ayurvedic Doctor and internationally recognized water conservationist & environmentalist from Alwar district, Rajasthan, who won the Stockholm Water Prize. He runs an NGO called 'Tarun Bharat Sangh' (TBS), helping villagers take charge of water management in semi-arid areas close to Thar Desert. His work is instrumental in building 8,600 traditional johad, (rainwater storage tanks), as well as check dams and other time-tested and path-breaking water conservation initiatives.


Panel Discussion: Water an Urban / Rural Connect.

Panel : Dr. Rajendra Singh, Laxman Singh, Nishesh MehtaModerator: Aditya Nath

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Rajendra Singh, the "Waterman of India" and an Ayurvedic Doctor and internationally recognized water conservationist & environmentalist from Alwar district, Rajasthan, who won the Stockholm Water Prize. He runs an NGO called 'Tarun Bharat Sangh' (TBS), helping villagers take charge of water management in semi-arid areas close to Thar Desert. His work is instrumental in building 8,600 traditional johad, (rainwater storage tanks), as well as check dams and other time-tested and path-breaking water conservation initiatives.
Laxman Singh, is from a farming family in Laporiya, Rajasthan. Obtaining a degree in social work from Rajasthan University, and returned to Laporiya starting the Youth Service Association in 1980. Thereafter, he travelled to the forests of Ranthambore, Assam, and Manipur realizing the pasture in his home village had potential if he applied the lessons in water conservation and rehabilitation which he has vigorously persued. He is the Ashoka Fellow, Nehru Youth Award and Vrikshamitra Puraskar ("Friend of the Environment Award") recipient.
Nishesh Mehta a Rajasthan desert state native, studied water resource engineering at IIT-Roorkee, and environmental engineering at University-of-Texas. After working for the World Bank, he returned to India to start-up a water technology company – NextDrop alerting residents in Bangalore, Hubli and Mysore, through an SMS, of water supply issues. NextDrop challenges inspired him, in partnership with CIIE and Startup Oasis, to develop water company accelerator programs in Rajasthan. Currently he’s in London on a hiatus from the water-sector.
Aditya Nath is a Jaipur based Biotechnologist by degree, a Community Enthusiast by heart and an Entrepreneur. Aditya is of the founders of Jaipur Mera Shehar, a collaborative organization with roles facilitating, enabling and building ecosystems for diverse communities in Jaipur. Aditya is a popular organizer of events frequently taking on the role of moderator. Psychology is a constant core of his life-long learning, and his key interests include Waste Management, Community.


Slow Food & Fabric Day


Workshop: Café White Sage’s Breakfast Bowls

Host: Shivika Kothari & Neha Shah CONTRIBUTION: Rs.2000/-

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Neha Shah & Shivika Kothani: Food & Culture Entrepreneurs & Co-Founders of Café White Sage.
Start your day with the most important moment of nutrition, the Breakfast Bowl. Create and sample amazing organic ingredients in invigorating and delicious combinations. Leaders of this workshop, Café White Sage and Meraaki Kitchen’s duo, Shivika and Neha, food and cultural entrepreneurs, have opened an innovative new restaurant in Jaipur.


Workshop: Bandhani from Nature

Host: Abdul Aziz Khatri: National Awardee Bandhani CONTRIBUTION: Rs.2000/-

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Abdul Aziz Khatri: Nationally Awarded Master Bandhani Artisan from Kutch.
Master Artisan Aziz Khatri, introduces Bandhani, resist tie dyed textiles, a family tradition for over eleven generations. From his Studio in Bhadli, Kutch, he uses Azo Free Acid dyes for minimum water consumption and maximum brilliance of colour. His ideas come from nature and the universe, ‘Kutch Moons’ to ‘Eclipses of the Sun’. Aziz teaches his Bandhani traditions with curious, and patient, participants.


MaahiRoj Food Pop Up

By: Cafe White Sage, Shivika, Neha Kothari, Olive n Cocoa-Preeti

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Olive n Cocoa: Preservative Fresh food from seasonal local ingredients.
Mindful Nutrition by Earthbowl: Earthbowl pure organic, minimally processed Dairy Products.
Cafe White Sage: Vegetarian and Vegan, farm-to-table delicacies.
Chef Social: Chef Akash Devaraju delivers artisanal breads & cheeses
Ahimsagram Market: Startup venture of Ahimsagram: a local farmer’s market
Molly Moo: Vegan and pure Vegetarian low-fat Ice Creams


The khadi way by 11.11/eleven-eleven

By: Himanshu Shani

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Himanshu Shani, NIFT and Domus Alumnus, and his partner Mia Morikawa, Central St. Martins, London Alumnus, joined forces creating the Brand: 11.11 eleven-eleven, promoting the principle of khadi, the traditional homespun and hand-woven textile, a national treasure of India. Khadi represents a way of making fabric with small-scale negative impact on the environment. 11.11 eleven-eleven, represents a continuous request for new levels of mastery with kadhi, in the luxury space, emphasizing links between farmers, weavers, natural dyeing and block printing traditions.


Kantha Artisans and Water

By: Malika Varma

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Malika Varma, of SHE Kantha has taken the ‘threads’ of her mother Shamlu Dudeja’s NGO SHE (Self Help Enterprise) a thirty plus year-old organization bringing livelihoods to Kantha artisans in rural Bengal. Kantha recycles used saris and other domestic textiles by stitching them in straight embroidery into quilted work. In a true grass-roots movement village women artisans are empowered through their artistic endeavours, connected in a network to improve all aspects of their lives with Kantha.


Water Network @ Jaipur Bloc

By: Vikram Joshi

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Vikram Joshi, began at the Handicraft Board documenting traditional hand block printing, ultimately becoming a world expert, assisting in getting Geographical Indication for Sanganeri Print and becoming Managing Director of a textile park near Bagru called ‘Jaipur Bloc’. He has spoken at the V&A, London, Toulouse, France and Aleppo, Syria. Promoting traditional technologies, throughout India, he has an equally powerful message of consciousness to recycle water, collect rain water and use solar energy.


Panel Discussion: WATER Yarns: Textile Narratives

Moderator: Skye Morrison , Panel: Himanshu Shani, Malika Varma, Vikram Joshi


Healthy Living Day


Water Walk NAHARGARH FORT, with Water Story Teller, Neeraj Doshi

Neeraj Doshi Storyteller, environmentalist and champion of the Heritage of Rajasthan. Tickets: Indians: Rs.1000/-, Foreigners: Rs.1400/-, Students: Rs. 450/-

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Built by 1734 during the reign of Sawai Jai Singh II (1698-1740), see a network of five catchments connected through a series of drains, aqueducts and canals, including two stepwells and a small collection tank. Understand how water has penetrated Rajasthan’s culture from traditional songs, to ‘leharia’ dyed textiles. Walkers will see water with opened eyes.


Workshop: Food Transitions: Wellness through Healthy Food Choices

Shammi Nanda: of Ahimsagram, a proponent of Non-violent Communication (NVC) CONTRIBUTION: Rs. 1250/-

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Do you want to make food transitions, often getting stuck in right/wrong thinking? Do you have feelings of guilt and shame when things get difficult? This two-hour workshop could clarify your challenges and show you how to deal with them by understanding the motivation behind your actions. Shammi Nanda of Ahimsagram, will help us look at our food journey through the lens of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), creating greater self connection with our body and emotions.


Workshop: Hydroponics: Gardens without Soil

Abhishek Jain, Co-Founder of INDIBuds and Keshav Modi an Agripreneur CONTRIBUTION: Rs. 2000/-

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Abhishek Jain, a serial entrepreneur and one of the founders of INDIBuds and Keshav Modi an agripreneur, Hydroponics expert and one of the founder of Urban Kisan lead a hands-on session in five parts that includes materials to start-up Hydroponics @ Home. How food grows: The essential elements, various types of farming techniques, Hands-on Hydroponics: Getting your hands wet and setting up your own Hydroponics unit at your home.


Earth Day: Good Deeds


Activity: Raise the H20 Prayer Flags

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School children from around Jaipur have participated in a Water Awareness workshop brought to them by Maahi Roj . Students decorated prayer flags for Water and Earth Day. We will raise the flags along with ones decorated on site.


Activity:‘Water Colour’ Streamers

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Assemble hand-dyed “Water Colour” Itagame Streamers to use as a dance wave wands with the drums in the Found Drum Circle. Take these streamers at home, in dry weather, to attract butterflies and wave in the breezes of summer.


Activity: Found Drum Circle

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Bring whatever you can find at home or on the way to Maahi Roj that will ‘do as a drum’. Pots, pans and pails, wooden boxes, crates, any object that resonates when struck with a stick or tapped with your hands. Jaipur Mera Shehar volunteers will guide the group in a circle of equal participation and resonance and rhythmic joy.


FILM Screening

Blue Gold: World Water Wars

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Blue Gold: World Water Wars is a 2008 documentary film directed, co-produced and co-written by Sam Bozzo, based on the book Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke. It was produced by Mark Achbar and Si Litvinoff and narrated by Malcom McDowell.


Shopping Day


Women’s Wednesday


Workshop: Summer Quenchers - A Sharbat Tasting Session

Himanshu Verma founder of RED EARTH, also known as the SareeMan.CONTRIBUTION: Rs. 250/-

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Learn the sensuous art of summer cool, and try homemade traditional Indian drink recipes. Sharbat is a popular summer beverage made from extracts of fruits, flowers, plants and herbs, truly natural saatvik foods. Savour the intricacies of grain, fruit, yogurt, and panna sharbats and many of the miscellaneous imaginations of the creative maker.


Talk: The ‘Sarigiri’ Story

By Geeta Uppal Sarigiri

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Geeta Uppal, a Delhi based architect, possessing great dressing sense, to match her design sensibilities. Encouraged by colleagues and friends, she added to her professional repertoire of skills and developed her own brand of dressing up and wearing the Sari. The result is an eclectic yet timeless brand called SariGiri, celebrating organic handloom and handmade accessories. Join Geeta Uppal to tell us her story of a journey between architectural practice and environmentally conscious retail.


Talk: Zero-Carbon-Footprint House

By Rashmi Dickinson

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Rashmi Dickinson, a multi-talented personality is an environmentalist, eco-designer, heritage activist, cardiovascular physician and, with her husband, also a physician and heritage activist, the creator of the “I Love Amber” project. Active in both India and England, she channels the memory of her father and grandfather, both Freedom Fighters, and applies it to changing today. A published author about experiential tourism, Rashmi shares grass-roots practical advice for zero-carbon-footprint, applicable to your home and community.


Panel Discussion: Sustainable Steps

By Women Mentor ForumParticipants: Jaya Singhi, Suchitra Bhutoria, Pink Pedals

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“Women Mentors Forum, Jaipur” is a group of professional women from diverse fields coming together to develop a mentoring relationship with other professional women to "Pay it Forward ", and to develop Young Women Professional Leaders. The group holds an annual ‘Mentoring Walk’ near International Women’s day. Monthly meetings encourage networking and building community and person-to-person linkages. Group members are sharing their success stories in ‘Sustainable Steps’ at Maahi Roj 2019.


Design Day by PEARL


Marbling Cloth & Paper: Waves of Colour

By Anjali Patni, PEARL Academy, Jaipur CONTRIBUTION: Rs.1500/-

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Colours floating on thickened water are combed and brushed into patterns of waves and rhythms. Experience the magic of patterning cloth and paper with this traditional technique seen through history in libraries and museums around the world. Take home unique examples of this traditional art


Handmade Paper: Embedded with Nature

By Geeta Uppal Sarigiri CONTRIBUTION: Rs.1500/

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Handmade Paper: Embedded with Nature Craft Boat takes you on a recycling adventure with waste cotton that is cut and made into pulp for handmade paper. In the process, the sheets of paper are embedded with collections from nature, leaves, petals, flowers, threads and even seeds. The result is a work of art, framed as the garden indoors or used to pen a love letter.


Creating Ripples of Thought

By Ar. Nikhil Kala

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Audio Visual supported monologue followed by a conversation between students and experts from the varied segments of society, discussing the importance of water in their life, vis-a-vis the negligence and nonempathetic usage of the water as a resource.


Creative Thinking

Facilitator: Dhruv Saxena

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An interactive workshop where participants come together to understand the dynamic nature of water and envisioning it as the storyteller since the beginning of time.


Narratives: Water in Film, Media


Workshop: Itagame ‘Water Colour’ Paper Dyeing

Dr. Skye Morrison: Folklorist, Author and Patangwali, Chalmers Arts Fellowship recipient.CONTRIBUTION: Rs. 720/- Rs.450/-

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Fold Japanese Washi paper and dye it in brilliant edible colours blending to create individual rainbow patterns. Traditionally used to wrap gifts, we are taking Itagame into the realm of food, to use these beautiful papers for holding organic garden gifts, edible flowers and precious treats for special occasions.


Workshop: Water Meditation

Mrigtrishna Rathore: Creatively engaged psychologist with the Hank Nunn Institute (HNI) Jaipur CONTRIBUTION: FREE WILL

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Water is an integral part of life. Water has a deep connection with our emotional wellbeing. Water is popularly known for having a soothing effect on us. But how? Join us for a Water Meditation where we come together and understand the deep-rooted connection between our mental health and Water. Mrigtrishna Rathore is a creatively engaged psychologist with the Hank Nunn Institute (HNI) Jaipur, a not-for-profit organization providing culturally congruent treatment, awareness and training around mental health.


Talk: Life as a Storyteller

By Nilotpal Majumdar

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Prof. Nilotpal Majumdar is an awarded Postgraduate from the Film & Television Institute of India, Pune, receiving the 2017 EDNA Award for global documentary Cinema. He has worked as a Director, Editor and Cinematographer. Nilotpal is the Founding President of DocEdge, the first Asian documentary mentoring and pitching forum in Kolkata, advancing alternative reality storytelling in the region. Currently the Director, Manipur Film & Television Institute, Imphal. A popular juror, mentor and tutor, he is associated with TOSS in Jaipur.


Water Documentary

By Nilotpal Majumdar at TOSS

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Film @ TOSS TBA: The Open Source Society (142 Frontier Colony, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur) TOSS is an open educational and cultural center in Jaipur for life-long learners of all ages. At TOSS we engage enquiring minds to interact with the creative world as an interface between art, culture, technology, and society to ignite personal, collective and career passions.


Water: Architecture Heritage & Conservation by Poornima University


Architectural Water Walk NAHARGARH FORT, with Architect, Nischal Jain

Nischal Jain, Jaipur Architect, academician and cartoonist with a passion for Heritage Architecture. Tickets: Indians: Rs.900/-, Foreigners: Rs.1200/-, Students: Rs. 450/-

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Architectural Water Walk NAHARGARH FORT, with Architect, Nischal Jain. Starting from Charan Mandir built by King Man Singh 1, the Walk covers a wide area divided into zones where water was collected through a dense network of water channels following the principles of gravity. Discover the ingenious forms of Building and Architecture, understood to be made over generations of construction, all by the need for a continuous water supply.


Workshop: Dye it Yourself: Unleash your Inner Artist

Sidhant Sodhani, co- founder of of Dye.it.Yourself, Jaipur & proponent of Experiential Tourism CONTRIBUTION: Rs.2500/-

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Dye.it.Yourself, Jaipur is a Natural Dyeing Workshop: Introducing Shibori tie-dye, dyed with onion skins, pomegranate peels, and turmeric and everyday ingredients. An expert biotechnologist will uncover the mysteries that have coloured fabrics for centuries. Extracting astonishing hues from common elements we lead you on an adventure to take away T-Shirts or Scarves, designed and coloured by you, as well as dye packets for home.


Workshop: Water and Memory: Non-Fiction Writing for Designers, Architects and Eco-entrepreneurs

Dr. Skye Morrison: Folklorist, Author and Patangwali, Chalmers Arts Fellowship recipient. CONTRIBUTION: Rs. 2000/- Rs. 850/-   Age: 10-80 yrs

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Folklorist and ‘Patangwali’, Dr. Skye Morrison draws out your memories of water in a storytelling and visualizing writing workshop. No previous experience to create a structured short story. Experience ‘synaesthesia’, inter-sensory perception and change the meaning of water in your life. Learn to write a personal experience narrative that can go on to be a short story, film, poem or play about WATER. Complete the journey making a Water Theme Kite with a tale on the tail.


Key Note Address: Community Ecology

By - Farhad Contractor

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Farhad Contractor, has over twenty-five-years reinvigorating ecological systems, especially in the Thar desert, North, and Central India, revitalizing over 9,500 water systems in these regions. His diverse portfolio covers restoring forests, strengthening communities with sustainable agriculture, and participating in successful national and international architectural projects. His work has benefitted over 600,000 people including the reviving ecologies in seven regions of Morocco. Farhad utilizes a systems approach from grassroots, local models to changing policies at the state level.


Key Note Address: Creating Meaning in Architecture

By Ambrish Arora

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Ambrish Arora, is the Principal & CEO of Studio Lotus, a multi-disciplinary design practice whose work seamlessly weaves interior and exterior spaces, from large architectural ideas to the smallest of furniture details. The Studio is acknowledged as a thought leader in the country for their work in Architecture and Spatial Design. The international award-winning office practices the principles of conscious design, an approach that celebrates local resources, cultural influences, attention to detail and an inclusive process.


Key Note Address: The Interconnectedness of Everything

By Akshay Kaul

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Akshay Kaul practices ecological planning, landscape and sustainable architecture as one of the only Indian firms practicing sustainable landscape design for more than 20 years. He specializes in rainwater harvesting, waste water management and its integration in landscape design. Akshay is an advisor to State Urban Agenda for Rajasthan for Master Planning for City of Jaipur and urban environmental development issues and a resource person for rainwater harvesting for Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi.


Key Note Address: The Path Less Travelled

By Manvendra Singh Shekhawat

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Manvendra’s love lies in hotels, heritage conservation, storytelling, design, ecological restoration, and social entrepreneurship. His work represents of a unique way of life that carefully preserves traditions in a modern idiom. His hotels, ‘Suryagarh’ and ‘Narendra Bhawan’, take the path less travelled and his NGO ‘I Love Jaisalmer’, was responsible for launching Jaisalmer’s largest cleanliness and conservation drive. Manvendra is currently working on building experiential hotels, restoring historic forts and palaces and developing a biome for sustainable living.


WATER: Flowing Forward through Architecture, Heritage and Conservation

Panel Moderator: Ayush Kasliwal Panel: Farhad Contractor, Ambrish Arora, Manvendra Singh Shekhawat


Maahi Roj Cultural Evening at RRAP

Ticket Fee: By Invitation

‘Event Crafters’ are composing a fundraising event for the Rajasthan Rural Arts Program (RRAP) in collaboration with Maahi Roj: Earth Day Every Day. Join us at RRAP, under the stars, for a captivating evening of live traditional music, a delicious sampling of fresh organic vegan and vegetarian specialties and the ambiance of fellow eco-conscious curiosity seekers.


Water Innovations Day



Neeraj Doshi Storyteller, environmentalist and champion of the Heritage of Rajasthan Tickets: Indians: Rs.1000/-, Foreigners: Rs.1400/-, Students: Rs. 450/-

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Water Walk AMBER PALACE, with Water Story Teller, Neeraj Doshi. Explore a series of six structures (buildings) that lift water from Maota Lake all the way up to the Fort, through a complex relay-rehant system including a sophisticated mechanism to lift water from a few hundred feet above. Water technology is infused with history, culture and the arts to bring a total perspective to the wonder of traditional water systems.



Shammi Nanda: of Ahimsagram, a proponent of Non-violent Communication (NVC) CONTRIBUTION: Rs.1250/-

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If you want to create edible landscapes and grow your food organically at home, recycling kitchen water, composting wet waste and turning it into manure to make our planet a better place to live, this Masterclass is for you! Prepare pots and planting beds for veggies, connect to organic gardeners in Jaipur and engage in peer to peer support. A start-up kit is included. Led by Shammi Nanda a keen Experiential Urban Farmer, from Ahimsagram, an organization for individual empowerment and collective abundance, through Non- Violent Communication (NVC).


Workshop: Superfood Smoothies for the Soul

Shruti Sethi: Health-coach, founder of EHCORE fashions and cancer thriver. CONTRIBUTION: Rs.1500/-

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Health-coach, founder of EHCORE fashions and cancer thriver, Shruti Sethi is passionate about how food choices affect our environment and our bodies. Join her on a delectable journey to concoct Superfood Smoothies, of locally sourced organic produce, heavenly and nourishing drinks, not only for your body, but also your soul.


Start up Symposium: The Business of Water

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Startup Oasis is a Jaipur based incubation centre developing an ecosystem in Rajasthan to support students, aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups to solve persistent problems, develop breakthrough innovations and create world class enterprises. Startup Oasis has been set-up at the joint initiative of RIICO (http://www.riico.co.in/), Rajasthan’s premiere industrial promotion organization, and the Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) (http://www.ciieindia.org/) at IIM Ahmedabad. RIICO and CIIE tap into the pool of traditional Rajasthani creativity and innovations.
Session 1 - Startups to save water – A panel discussion.
Session 2 - How to be a social entrepreneur? – A Conversation
Session 3 – Innovations for Sustainable Living – A Fireside Chat


Water World Café


MAAHI ROJ x JMS World Café: Call for Action

Water World Cafe

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Jaipur Mera Shehar, (JMS) is a community driven initiative of concerned citizens of Jaipur envisioning the city as a creative, sustainable, happy, self-sufficient, and sensitive modern city. Simultaneously, retaining Jaipur’s core strengths of beauty in art and craft, richness in heritage and human enterprise combined with an underlying ethic of frugality and sustainability. It is a collaborative organization with roles facilitating, enabling and building ecosystems for diverse communities. Values include Consensus, Equivalence, Gift Culture and Inclusiveness.