Our Volunteer Programme

CELEBRATE the Earth at AnanTaya , be part of a sustainable movement.

VOLUNTEER and become an 'insider' in a unique retail, design and cultural event.

TRY one of three roles

Be a part of AnanTaya's Family

AnanTaya and AKFD combine forces in a dynamic event that takes VOLUNTEERS behind the scenes. Find out how a complex event runs 'on the ground.' Gain experience for the future possibility of internships, training and projects with AnanTaya and AKFD ... a rare opportunity!!


The Baatunis

You  LOVE to share concepts and engage with other people. Projecting ideas, expressing intentions and representing retail brands, Baatuni's are Brand Ambassadors for products. This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to do your bit..doing what you love the most.. TALKING!!


(24 positions)

The Jugaadus

Jugaadus are  problem solvers. Working behind the scenes , you figure out what the problem is and how to find solutions. Logistics, operations and coordination are your skills. Working as a team is important.  Next you will FIX PROBLEMS of the Earth!!


(16 positions)

The Fotawalas

A keen unobtrusive observer, the Fotowalas LOVE documenting people, products and events. You absorb situations visually and see dynamic points of view with your camera skills.  Working collaboratively with a copywriter each day, SHOOT for the moon at Maahi Roj.


(10 positions)

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