Take a Heritage Walk on the Wild Side!

Take a Heritage Walk on the Wild Side! Get involved with your environment and take some educational exercise by participating in one of Maahi Roj’s WALKS. Early Saturday and Sunday mornings, April 15 and 16, 22 and 23 and on World Heritage Day as well, starting at a cool 6:00 am, join professional architects and cultural enthusiasts to see Jaipur’s Old City, The Water Walk and Historic Amer. All walks are led by Nischal Jain of ‘Square by Foot’.  You will never see these familiar places the same way again, an experience connecting the past to the future and seeing how the local landscape can be sustainable.

For culture seekers we have two exclusive niche Tours of Artisan Villages outside of Jaipur, brought to you by Jaipur Rugs.  On Saturday April 15 and again on Earth Day April 22, five lucky participants will board the magic bus (or car) to travel first to a fascinating ‘finishing’ station where hand knotted carpets are taken through their final paces before adorning homes, hotels and businesses all over the world.  Then you will continue on into the village and the homes of master artisans from marginalized communities who support their families and indeed the entire community by practicing hand-knot carpet weaving. Here their inspiring life stories and see first-hand how they co-create their own designs that end up in the biggest showrooms of Europe and America.  From the Village to the World, a tour through the lives of artisans.

Attention to all ‘Foodies’ Maahi Roj is a ‘go-to’ destination for food lovers from everywhere.  We are having our first FOOD WALK on Monday April 17 when participants will circumnavigate the byways and alleys of the Pink City in search of local delicacies and famous food landmarks.  Eat your way across town with a spirited group of sympathetic diners led by ‘Tryst for Taste’ founder, Ayesha Sajjan.

Walks and Tours all start from AnanTaya at the Narain Niwas Palace where you will be able to shop for  extraordinary products from like-minded Partners as well as new eco-consious designs from AnanTaya and AKFD. Come every day if you can,  throughout the 10 day Maahi Roj Festival or, as our delightful keynote speaker for Earth Day, Laila Tyabji put it … the “Jaipur Crafty Jamboree.”


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