The Bees are Buzzing behind-the-scenes @ Maahi Roj 2017

The Bees are Buzzing behind-the-scenes.  Maahi Roj is an extraordinary collaborative venture spearheaded by Geetanjali and Ayush Kasliwal building bigger ‘hives of activity’ each year.  Since moving to the flagship location AnanTaya at Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, Jaipur the partners and programming have expanded to open your minds.  From coordinating the unique tagging systems for partners to share their new collections in the retail space, to building shades in the outside courtyard that will moderate the temperature without using excess energy, every detail is a conscious act of a team of ‘worker bees’.  Each Workshop, Walk, Tour and Talk will be hosted by AnanTaya employees and our enthusiastic volunteers who come from premier Design, Art, Architecture and Management Institutes around Jaipur. The ‘honey’ from the hive is new experiences, whether it is a workshop for lifelong learning or the opportunity to encounter the journey of a cultural leader, environmentally aware designer or a master artisan.

For all of the ‘worker bees’ to succeed we need the public to engage.  Register for Workshops. You can complete forms online and make payments at AnanTaya.  Tell us when you are coming to Talks and invite your friends.  You will be the ‘flowers’ for the bees to pollinate.  If you know a group of students who would be inspired by meeting a designer or cultural figure or someone who has just recently started up their brand, call us and we can buzz you into the scene … We know that if you come to the first events you will want to come back for more.  It isn’t enough to have just one spoon of honey.

And, speaking of honey, we have a wonderful food partner in Tryst with Taste.  Ayesha Sajjan  has again joined us with healthy and organic delicacies including pickles and jams.  On Earth Day April 22 the Coffee Brewing and Tasting Workshop  will introduce you to the best methods of brewing Single Source Organic Indian coffee considered divine by South Indians. Ayesha also leads our first “Heritage Food Walk” for intrepid foodies who want to eat their way through the byways of the old city to understand its’ unique local flavor.

HOLISTIC NOURISHMENT: Divya Arora’s Workshop we’ve called Food for the Soul will take place an a day affectionately named ‘Women’s Wednesday.’. April 19, (as our presenters are successful women entrepreneurs.) Divya says: “Food is a profound doorway into spiritual growth, because how you experience food is how you experience life. Our relationship to food teaches us a great deal about who we are and how we live. Through thisworkshop let us learn about bringing in more consciousness into various aspects of food and learn some wholesome recipes of FOOD that has LIFE.” Learn about Divya Arora’s new venture The Floating Leaf Cafe.

Pollinate our Festival with your presence. Refresh yourself at our Matkas where, to save the Earth, one small step at a time, we are only using ‘dippers.’  Be our flowers and create an outstanding bouquet for the future of the Planet.



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